With their new album „Addicted to Hell” SOULBOUND represent urban Goth metal for the end of days. Without losing their roots in alternative metal and despite all the heaviness, they still stand for their old qualities: catchy and melodic hooks with sociocritical flavouring.

In cooperation with Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost) SOULBOUND created their new record “Addicted to Hell”. Stomping beats combined with doomsday-heavy guitars and aggressive Synths welded together to an eschatological blend of Gothic and Industrial metal that is yet unparalleled. SOULBOUND found their own niche, yet have a vast variety in musical arrangements and lyrical themes. While the album “Addicted To Hell” may sound wild and angry in one moment, the next might be an atmospheric chime or a comfortingly heavy melody. Dark and heavy ballads go hand in hand with energetic and aggressive songs.

“Addicted To Hell” SOULBOUND invites the listener to an exploration of abyssal human psyche. From the paradox drive for self-destruction to a narcissistic maniac the lyrics catch today’s zeitgeist and don’t leave personal topics like the internal war against depression uncovered.

SOULBOUND means pure energy und might be the most ambitious newcomer of the goth metal scene. Whoever had the chance to watch the guys perform will testify for that. The band knows how to electrify the crowd and sets the stage on fire with emotion while staying grounded and approachable for fans at all times.