With us you get the merchandise of your favorite youtuber - and that on (almost) all imaginable, printable textiles such as shirts, hoodies, girlies, sweatshirts and of course also on organic and fair trade textiles. When making our selection, we pay attention to quality and responsible, sustainable production. We manufacture almost all products ourselves so that we have full control over the end product. You can find out more on our textile information page.


We employ a good 10 people who apply the motifs to your desired shirt by hand using flex printing, digital direct printing and our embroidery machines. Even the support and packing of the packages is done by real people - all with love, care and as much fun as possible.
If you do have a reason for complaint, please send us an email to info@3dsupply.de and tell us about your problem, preferably with a photo if possible. Don't forget to include your order number and your name so that we can contact you quickly. :)


If you know us from before and are looking for our geek shirts (and can't find them here), we can reassure you! Because we wanted to separate merchandise and geek shirts, we created supergeek.de. Here you can find the old classics, but above all thousands of other designs from artists all over the world!

Your 3dsupply Team