3dsupply Original Inspector Spacetime T-Shirt B&C EXACT 190 - Indigo

Inspector Spacetime is a British sci-fi series that has been on the air since 1962 and has gained a worldwide following. It's long since established its niche as a cult classic. The Inspector is an alien from a faraway planet who has come to Earth to rescue us from dangers both within and outside our own galaxy. He travels the universe in his cozy D.A.R.S.I.T., which takes the form of a red telephone booth. He often brings along associates, most notably the Constable. He has amassed a rogues gallery of villains over the years that includes the Blorgons, the Digifleet, the Circuit-Chaps, and The Sergeant. Optic Pocketknife in hand, he will investigate the horrors of the Universe.

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Classic Crew Neck Shirt by B & C.

material 100 % Cotton
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